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Ben Revere Struggles with Pain from Foot Fracture
Baseball player Ben Revere sustained a fracture to his right foot shortly after joining his team, the Phillies, back in July of 2013...

June Articles 2014
...Take baseball for example...

What is Sesamoiditis?
...Being on your feet can make the symptoms worse and people with activities that put pressure on the balls of the feet—runners, baseball catchers, ballet dancers—are particularly prone to sesamoiditis...

Why is Your Child’s Heel Hurting?
...These include: Sports participation—this is by far the most common cause, particularly for children who play sports that involve excessive amounts of pounding on the heel such as running, basketball, football, soccer and baseball...

Baseball Injuries to the Foot and Ankle
Your feet and ankles take a beating when you’re playing baseball...

Sports Injuries to the Foot and Ankle
... Baseball Basketball Field Hockey Football Injuries Golf Injuries Lacrosse Rugby Running Soccer Softball Tennis Volleyball

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